Roberta Luchinski


Size: 10″ x 10″ x 1.5″
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Medium: Oil | Watercolour

Hazy July

Sowthistle and Sage

Vesper Hour

Shoreline Gem


Roberta Luchinski

Emerging Artist

Roberta is a self-taught artist working in watercolours and oils. Roberta paints from life as much as possible, which takes her on road trips and on drives in her rural Saskatchewan home. She thrives on soulful connections made with the people who
purchase her art where there is a depth of appreciation for the raw beauty of the natural world. Roberta strives to communicate simply the beauty she experiences in nature so that her viewers experience it with her. Roberta rises to the challenge of the complexity of watercolour painting first the light, and then layering to final details. In oils she loves the ability to play and manipulate the slow drying paint, a change of pace from fast and decisive work required in watercolour. Roberta is affiliated with the International Watercolour Society. Her work is available through Northern Lights Gallery (Melfort SK) and via her website or Instagram ( through email contact. Roberta is also listed with Artists in Canada. Roberta is mentored by Cam Forrester and Doug Swinton through Mastrius.