Nikita Desai


Size: 10″ x 10″ x 1.5″
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Medium: Oil

Hidden Respite

The Scent of Summer

Verdant Veil

Languid Dance

Tranquil Daze

Nikita Desai

Aspiring Artist

The opulent beauty of nature, its magnificence and the life that thrives in it despite all odds is forever awe-inspiring to me. I find much joy and inspiration in the natural world around me, and my aim is to capture that feeling of joy in my paintings through the use of color and texture. As a self taught artist, I’m constantly learning through exploration of different techniques and mediums. My current body of work is comprised of impressionistic landscapes and vibrant florals in oils, acrylics and oil pastels. Vibrant yet harmonious colors, compelling composition and textural mark making are the main elements characterizing my style.