MJ Mercer


Size: 10″ x 10″ x 1.5″
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Medium: Oil

Capelin Rollin 

Happiness is a Butterfly

Summertime Sadness

Dark Paradise

Heading Downtown

MJ Mercer

Aspiring Artist

MJ Mercer creates moments of nostalgia in acrylic and oil. Her work is about capturing moments in time trough the human experience. She is a self-taught Newfoundland artist whose sensibility was formed in a home infused with art, literature, drama, and music. As a young creative, MJ was absorbed with drawing, painting and creative writing. She moved on to study English literature, Psychology, and Education. She describes herself as a conduit of feeling whose intention is to transport the viewer to places of physical and sensory memory and emotion. Her current work is inspire by memory, and longing across various geographical locations channeling 1970's St. John's to 1960's California cinema, to present day.