Mary-Jo Lough


Size: 10″ x 10″ x 1.5″
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Medium: Acrylic

A Spectacular Start

Mountains, Flowers & Sun, Oh My!

Fields Forever

Go With The Flow

Mary-Jo Lough

Emerging Artist

Mary-Jo Lough is a vivid and detailed abstract artist based in Calgary, Alberta. She invites the viewer to experience how she navigates the world as a neurodivergent individual. Lough depicts the convergence of overstimulation and containment using pattern laid over an uninhibited background which results in a meditative experience for the viewer. She expresses her unique vision on stretched canvas with acrylic and multi-media.

To further her practice, she has completed Abstract Painting and Colour Theory courses at the University of Calgary and numerous workshops. Additionally, she has been mentored by Master artists and is currently a navigator with Mastrius. In 2020 Lough exhibited in the “Viral Art” show at the Galleria Cael in Milan, Italy. In 2021she hosted a solo exhibition at LOFT112 featuring her Divergent Collection and again in 2022 with her ATYPICAL collection. Additionally, she was chosen to exhibit at the curated Emerging Artist Showcase at the Ranchmen’s Club in 2020. Mary-Jo was selected for the juried Art Market & Craft Show in 2020 through to the upcoming show in 2022. In 2020 her piece “Good Thing Gone” achieved Gallea’s “The Best of Abstract Art” in 2020, and the following year “Complicated Contentment” achieved the same honor. Lough’s work is held in several private & corporate collections.