Lois Gardiner


Size: 10″ x 10″ x 1.5″
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Medium: Mixed Media
Notes: All pieces are mixed media with black edges

Summer Flowers 

Summer Hiking

Summer Garden

Summer Nights

Lois Gardiner

Emerging Artist

Only in the past few years have I begun to identify as an artist (my third job; Mom is #1; corporate career #2) Art to me is
something that I have used as a solace and comfort while I am creating it - it really does feed my soul. However I believe art hasan impact on others because of how it speaks to them, the emotions it creates when you look at a piece of art, and what it stirs in another person's soul. What I am learning as I see others reactions to my art is that it creates a healthy energy that is an interesting catalyst creatively. I am self taught partially, but also have taken both directed and self directed classes and the odd course or two including weekend workshops. I enjoy learning and trying new things and love to be challenged with something specific someone has in mind that they want to create for a space. This is fun and challenging and something I am open to discussing with anyone who is interested. I love seeing the outcome for the specific spot. To be honest sometimes what you might want is not my first choice to paint but interestingly perfect for the space, and when it works it makes the piece of art amazing.

I believe you grow each day and we are responsible for the world we create around us....my hope is my art feeds your soul in a positive way and brightens your day.