Kimberley Smith


Size: 10″ x 10″ x 1.5″
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Medium: Acrylic

Palm Trees



Kimberely Smith

Emerging Artist

When she was little, she would scribble with crayons, sharing in her father’s inspiration at the drafting table. Now, Kimberley has been an arts entrepreneur since 2017, teaching painting classes to seniors and painting on commission. This is her first art show and she is thrilled to be part of it. Every day, she brings her commitment to finding self-expression through art to both her own work and to working with others. This past year, her commissioned work has included paintings of sunsets, favored humans, and favorite pets. Immersing herself in each piece, she loves pushing her skills and developing new ones. “Bring on the colour!” Kimberley looks forward to sharing with and learning from other Mastrius members as we practice new tips and tricks, make new friends, and expand the world of art in our lives and the lives of others.