Kim Clark


Size: 10″ x 10″ x 1.5″
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Medium: Acrylic
Notes: Mounted wood panel.

Heron in Flight 



Kim Clark

Emerging Artist

Painting takes me to a quiet place, and allows me to get in touch with my true self. For as long as I can remember, drawing and painting has been my refuge, and that continues to this day. Working in acrylic on canvas, I strive to create a mood, a place for the viewer to rest their eyes, calm their mind, and take them out of their day to day lives through the use of vibrant colour and sweeping brush strokes, accented by crisp lines and tiny dots. I work primarily in acrylic, for the quick drying time, as it allows me to work quickly to capitalize on the mood that is being created, and not interrupt the flow of the piece. Recent work has been rooted in a desire to create calm and order in an increasingly chaotic world. Allowing the viewer a respite from all the demands the world places on each of us.