Denise Chasin


Size: 10″ x 10″ x 2″
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Medium: Acrylic





Denise Chasin

Emerging Artist

Denise Joy Chasin is a contemporary artist living in Santa Cruz, CA most known for her joyful flower paintings that harness the visual and conceptual power of flowers in a fresh and unexpected way. Her paintings live in the moment of connection between what the flowers show her and how she interprets them. Sometimes she is capturing a story being told between the flowers,and other times she is capturing nature’s essence of the wholeness that we find in a single plant. Denise's work embodies that joyful feeling of stumbling across a field of wildflowers, bursting with color and springing with the energy of childhood exploration and awe. When she is not painting, you can find her out in nature hiking, beaching, flower hunting or just spending time with family including her horses, dogs and cat!

She has a unique ability to capture a flower’s grandeur using vibrant colors that glow with the pure energy of nature. Through line, shape and bold colors, Denise visually engages the viewer with a unique, semi-abstract style that is reflective of the natural world. She distills the flowers into forms that capture the essence of the plants, sharing the intimate conversation she has with nature and nature has with itself. When Denise is not painting, you can find her out hiking, hunting for wildflowers or spending time with her family including her horses and dogs.