Deb Nicolaisen


Size: 10″ x 10″ x 1.5″
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Medium: Acrylic


Pool Party

Who’s the Boss?

Chilling Out

Where You Lead

Deb Nicolaisen

Emerging Artist

Deb Nicolaisen, born and raised in amongst the beautiful Gatineau Hills in South-Western Quebec now lives in Calgary, Alberta and is building a career as a wildlife and landscape artist. Deb prefers to paint with acrylics in studio and oils when painting en plein air. The inspiration for her art is drawn from her own experiences and adventures whilst hiking and camping in nature with family. Her inspiration mainly comes from the Canadian landscape and wildlife. Deb prefers to work solely from her own experiences and photo references which adds to the authenticity of these inspiring moments she captures on canvas. “I love to capture those moments that provoke emotion. Like that wonderful feeling when the golden light of the sunset floods across a field and by chance you see a deer turn and stare at you. It is the sweet song of a robin when it sings the sun a lullaby as it quietly slips into tomorrow. Those are the moments of awe that I love to paint. Those moments that take my breath away.”