Alison Laing


Size: 10″ x 10″ x 1.5″
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Medium: Acrylic

Fireweed Fields

Running ‘Loops

Juniper Berry

Sunset at the Slide

Alison Laing


The aim of my work is to provide bright moments of transportation that celebrate the landscapes and wildlife that I love.

My art is inspired by time spent in the wilderness of Alberta and British Columbia. After arriving home from a trail run, hike, or camping trip, reference photos and threads of memory filter through my imagination and onto the canvas. I’m drawn to vibrant colours and a mixture of smooth and lively brushstrokes to convey how it felt to be in that place in that moment in time. I also like to push the boundaries of realism by choosing exaggerated or original colours for my subjects. I am a primarily self-taught acrylic artist who finds the practice of painting to be deeply engaging, mostly fun (but sometimes maddening), and endlessly fulfilling. I plot, plan, sketch, and paint from my home in Calgary, Alberta.